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Parker Oktoberfest 2016

Returns Erdinger and Our NEW Purgatory Weingarten
ERDINGER Weissbier


Erdinger is the world’s largest wheat beer brewery. It is widely available and popular across Germany and the European Union. Erdinger was founded in 1886 by Johann Kienle. Erdinger beer is the best-known culinary product of the city; however, the brewery did not receive its current name until 1949 from its owner Franz Brombach, who had acquired the brewery 14 years earlier. The current owner is Franz Brombach’s son, Werner Brombach (since 1975). Currently, there are nine varieties available: (In RED is served at Parker Oktoberfest)

  • Weißbier – a golden cloudy beer (alc 5.3%, white/cream label)
  • Dunkel- a dark brown type (alc 5.3%, black label)
  • KRISTALL – a filtered Weißbier (alc 5.3%, silver label)
  • Pikantus (picaanthus) – a dark weizenbock beer (alc 7.3%)
  • Schneeweiße (snow-white) – a seasonal beer brewed from November to February (alc 5.6%)
  • Erdinger Champ – a wheat beer that can be drank straight from the bottle (alc 4.7%)
  • Alkoholfrei (alcohol free) – an alcohol free version (alc 0.4%, blue label).
  • OKTOBERFEST (festive beer) – a seasonal brew for Erding’s Herbstfest (autumn festival, also known as Volksfest)

Year Two -It’s Now a Tradition – The Winegarten!

Winegarten GlowWe introduced our first ever Parker Oktoberfest Winegarten last year to the applause of many the enthusiast. 2016 will be our second year and we’re already having to increase the size of the Winegarten Tent. The Winegarten is hosted by CASC and sponsors this year.

“We drew rave reviews from last years attendees who expressed interest in wanting to see us bring other wines from around Colorado, the Napa Valley and perhaps Germany itself. We’re moving that direction this year.” states CASC President Jeff Fox.

We’re expanding our Winegarten tent size this year to accommodate the expected increase in crowds this year. Great wine, music and conversations will be found in abundance this year.

Keep the glass. It’s yours! Someone suggested that we start matching our wine glasses to the steins so that they become collectors items. We’ll be doing just that this year, and offering out the design to local high school graphic designers. The winning design will be featured on our 2016 Parker Oktoberfest Wine Glasses.

So, you find a fine wine at our Oktoberfest this year. Now you want to buy it at Oktoberfest pricing levels. You can! We’re teaming up with local distributor RNDC and area liquor stores to offer Parker Oktoberfest discounts on the wines we serve over the weekend. Expect to receive coupons that will get you great buys on the wines worth sharing!


Enjoy the Biergarten and Winegarten in style.

This year, we’re bringing in brand new Oktoberfest Biergarten tables and benches direct from Germany! They’ll be more than just a place to sit. Each tabletop is sponsored by local businesses and throughout the event, depending on where you are seated, you may just win something big!

Add to this, our tents. Both will be expanded in size to seat even more people than last year. The Biergarten tent will house an even larger entertainment stage and dance floor  that extends out beyond the tent itself.

It’s gonna be a fun one. Come on out and enjoy it.  Prost!

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