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NEW Changes for the 2016 Parker Oktoberfest

Apply for a Vendor Booth at the Festival Today!

Thank you for your interest in offering a booth at the 11th Annual Parker Oktoberfest to benefit the CASC! The festival will be held on Saturday, September 17, 11:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m. (Vendor Booths Open Until 8pm Only)  and Sunday, September 18, 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. This annual event has been a profitable one for vendors and is fun for everyone involved!

german-american-foodDo you have something unique or unusual to bring to this German celebration? Your participation in this family-friendly community gathering is a great way to show off your wares and to find new customers and potential clients. Attendees range from children with their parents to college students and seniors who are  all looking for a fun-filled day with a German theme.

We are marketing the Parker Oktoberfest to communities throughout the Denver metro area and thus hope to draw a large and varied group of attendees. Please e-mail Jeff or Susan at with any specific questions about the marketing for this event.

Booth fees and additional information can be found by clicking on the appropriate button below to become either a booth or a food vendor.


Effective 2016, the Parker Oktoberfest has changed the structure of our event as it relates to Food Vendors. We will be partnering with community non-profit organizations for operating a full food court provided and operated by the host Council of Arts, Science and Culture and contracted food companies. We have filled our limited outside food vendors that will be serving dessert and snack in addition to the food court.
It has become our adopted mission as an organization, to use this cultural event to provide fundraising opportunities to other non-profits in the area for their participation in the event. If you have been a food vendor in the past, we want to thank you for your participation with us.


Non – Food Vendors

This years 2016 Parker Oktoberfest will be limiting the number of same like vendors for the event. You will be notified of your acceptance to the event, and if not accepted, your check will be returned to you. While cultural, product and service vendors are welcome, we are giving full attention to any European / Bavarian related vendors/ products this year as we create the new German village area in the grassy park area of O’Brien Park. This year we are expanding into the downtown Parker area Get your form and payments in early as spaces fill very fast. We have full weekend participation and will be offering limited number of one day only spaces (12) for Saturday and Sunday.

Main Festival Area: (Parking Lot)   – Perimeter Only
Grassy Park Area: (O’Brien Park)   – Available
Off Park Locations: (Parker Station/ Victorian Peaks) – Select

2016 Vendor Pricing Schedule
One Day Only (Saturday) $110   /  One Day Only  (Sunday)   $85
Day Vendors are in the main festival area only.

Weekend  (Saturday / Sunday) $175 + Electricity ($50 Flat Rate)  as needed
Please see below and click to get your downloadable application for the event. We will notify vendor when pricing is ready for electrical.


NEW  Location:
Parker Station Downtown

Focused on  Artists, Authors and Kid Performances!

We’re getting bigger! The Parker Oktoberfest is expanding its reach outside of the O’Brien Park area this year by setting up in a couple of other locations downtown. We call this first new expansion Künstlerischen, which literally means Artistic Area. It will house artists, authors and a stage for readings, kids performances, as well as select vendors who compliment this kind of focus. There will be food and non-alcoholic beverage vendors in addition to the artisan booths. Vendors can most likely have good foot traffic on Saturday, as well as great exposure Sunday during the Farmers Market. Inquire with us for more questions.



Second NEW  Location:
Victorian Peaks / Pine Tree

We’re Expanding Our Reach Into All of Downtown

In addition to Mainstreet, Parker Oktoberfest is expanding its reach a second direction into the Creative District area. Victorian Peaks and Pine Tree Jewelers sit in one of the most treasured areas of Parker. We’ll be expanding our programs, workshops and performances into this area as well. We call this first new expansion Künstlerischen 2, which literally means Artistic Area 2. It will house additional artists, authors and a stage for readings, kids stage performances as well as musical guests. Select vendors may compliment this kind of area.Vendors can most likely have good foot traffic on Saturday, as well as great exposure Sunday during the Farmers Market. Inquire with us for more questions.

Non Food Vendors

Bigger and Better this year. Click below to get your non food vendor application for the 2016 Parker Oktoberfest. These spots fill fast!

Download My Application Now

Artisans / Authors / Non-Profits

Click below to get your 2016 application for Parker Oktoberfest – Parker Station and Pikes Peak Locations. Mark the box relative to the location. Spots are limited.

Download My Application Now

More Questions About Vendors?

We are available to answer questions. As an organization, we have varying hours of availability so your best bet is to contact through this site and request a written answer or call back preference time. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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